Friday, June 29, 2012

Before & After...

What a difference and hour at Aunt Krista's makes!!!

We are thinking that we will use this frame that we got at Ikea today for her senior pictures!

Thanks for the make over!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's official!

Morgan is officially 12!

They even sang to her at the restaurant...

But one of the greatest things about having a birthday during the summer... is that you get to have your cousin come and stay for a few nights!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our trip to girls state!

The first week of June found our family in Cedar City.  We dropped Meg off at SUU for Girls State.

We did a puzzle that we got at the local DI.

Morgan did lots of reading.

We even took 5 minutes and drove through Cedar Breaks.  I had no idea that it was so small!

This is how Pippin spent most of his time camping... with his head poked out of someone's jacket!

There was 4 wheeler riding...

until Ben missed a turn and launched himself and the 4 wheeler off of this tree!!!  (if you zoom in you can see the gouges and tire marks!!!)

aftermath of accident... the wheel is NOT supposed to be that way!

One goose egg, multiple scrapes and scratches, a jammed finger and various swollen body parts later... we decided to make a trip to the local hospital.  (He might of lost consciousness for a moment.)  Needless to say, that put an end to the 4 wheeling... Brayden had already rolled the Warrior earlier in the week!

Saturday afternoon we watched Meg graduate... look at her pretty dress.  She had been sick for the last few days and didn't even do her hair fancy.... It was good to be headed home!  I LOVE sleeping in my own bed!!!  How about you?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fourteen is Great!

Fourteen is great!  Brayden got to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner on his B-Day!  I'm not sure that he would have made the same choice if he would have known their Birthday ritual though!!!

That Sunday he was also made a teacher... it was fun to have the Grandparents there and for lunch after!