Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thanks Laura

I have a very crafty older sister... in fact she is the one that started all of 7 girls in my family crafting!  Unfortunately she is not a blogger (or I would give you a link to her blog).  I saw these cute gnomes at her house and knew that I wanted to make some.  The are out of the white , really light, air clay... I'm not sure what it is called!  I just molded them onto a nail waited for them to dry and  then painted them!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zack is 20!

This is what Zack did for his 20th!  I cannot think of a better way for him to spend his Birthday!

 My week has been pretty good :) and my weekend was even better! :D  on saturday we got to go to a Tongan Ward conference. which was basically a feast with testimonies intermingled with it. There was SOOOOO much food. they sat us down and they kept piling food in the center of the table. I didn't try about half of it because there was a lot of fish. But i really like some of the tongan stuff like the roasted pig, Taro (a potatoish thing), boiled banannas, and they had a potato salad that had crab in it i think or something like that. It was way good :)  I tried something called Lu and I almost threw up XP it was not tasty at all. It is pig chunks and coconut milk wrapped in taro leaves and tin foil then i think its baked.... not good XD all the tongan elders laughed at me when I took a bite. my face probably looked really funny.

   then sunday we were trying to find a new place to street contact in our area and we found a rose park. It wasnt a good place to contact but there were TONS of roses! you could smell them just walking through the park. and there were some really cool looking ones too.
   The reason we were so pressed for time (and why I didn't email yesterday) is because "Misson President" gave our zone permission to go to santa cruz yesterday! :D  It was really fun. We had to take a bus there and back. The ride was about an hour and 15 minutes one way. We hung out on the beach and played volleyball in the sand. part of president's allowance of us going to the beach is we cant even touch the ocean so we stayed far away to avoid the temptation to soak our feet because it was really hot. So, it was a really unique p-day and it was lucky to be on my birthday! I had a lot of fun. oh, a member in this ward gave me a lavalava and I wore thataround on the beach ;) haha

 I think this is Zack's missionary pose.