Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here we go again!

 Tuesday started out pretty good... we just had to run to Bountiful to get Zack's stitches out... or so we thought!  The stitches started to come out ok... but as she got further up his arm two separate spots on his stitches started to open up.  Then it started to bleed...oooze...seep through many layers of gauze.  She was also concerned about the lump further up where the stitches didn't come apart!  The P.A. came in and looked at it and they called his Dr. and they said that most likely Zack would need to have surgery in the morning to clean everything out.  
We didn't get too far from the Dr's office and she called us and asked if we could come back to the hospital tonight at 6 for Dr. to look at it.  Then another call telling Zack not to eat or drink anything... just in case the Dr. wanted to work on it then.  Then we got home and got another call asking if we could be back there asap.  So we headed back to Bountiful and checked him in.  Don't you love his cute knees?  Dr. came in and said it was a hematoma and that it wouldn't take long.  It didn't!  Surgery was only 15 mins.  Dr. doesn't think that there is any infection... but put him on a antibiotic because of the 2 surgeries in 2 weeks!  He is doing well this morning!  Excited that he found a cheap drum set on KSL!  Now if I can keep him off of them long enough for his arm to heal... we will be set!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It looks good?!?

This morning we took the bandages off for the first time so he could shower before work.  It looks like one of Frankensteins scars... but I am told that chicks dig scars!  The bruising starts where the wrapping ended... thus the weird bruises!  We put cream on and rewrapped it so he could go to work.  Stitches come out on Tuesday!  He does have a weird lump now!  We will see if it goes away...

Monday, December 20, 2010


 These were Zack's hands on Friday.  His arm had gotten swollen and it was staying cold.  We called the nurse and she said that we could loosen his bandage it we did it quick and wrapped it right back up!
We did... it started to feel much better and the swelling went down quickly and he was able to move his fingers much more!  This is how his arm looks today!  He can take his bandage off on Wednesday night and take a real shower!  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zack's Surgery

 Yesterday Zack had his stainless steel plate removed from his arm.  It took a lot longer than we anticipated... but he is home and doing well this morning.  Zack asked the nice nurse if she would take a picture of his arm during the surgery... she did... it is a little gross... but if you would like to see what the inside of an arm looks like... let me know and I can email you a picture!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is that Taylor kissing Edward???

 Friday night was our annual girl party up at Park City... it just happened to coincide with the Eclipse release.  Meg, Tay, Krista, & I went over to Wal Mart at midnight so we could finish our movie marathon.  Things got a little silly from there.  Oh well... what else you gonna do at an all girl party except kiss a cardboard cutout of a cute vampire and wear-wolf ???