Monday, December 20, 2010


 These were Zack's hands on Friday.  His arm had gotten swollen and it was staying cold.  We called the nurse and she said that we could loosen his bandage it we did it quick and wrapped it right back up!
We did... it started to feel much better and the swelling went down quickly and he was able to move his fingers much more!  This is how his arm looks today!  He can take his bandage off on Wednesday night and take a real shower!  


Wonder Woman said...

It looks like it hurts. I am still waiting to see the inside of his arm. And why did they have to take it out?

Erin said...

Holy cow, that really looks like it hurts! Poor Zack!

Krista McMillan said...

Poor, Poor Zacky. I Hope you are getting lots of treats , and love. Kyle and Madi have been keepig you in their prayers. Poor little choppy. Hope you get feeling better very soon!