Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The blurr that was January!

January was filled with lots of trips to the dentist.  Our family is big enough that they won't let us come all at once!  Sooo between check-ups and fillings and cracked teeth and all that 2 crowns entail...we made 5 or 6 trip to the dentist in January!  Good thing they had headphones and a ceiling mounted T.V.  

Russ and Megan had some hunting tags to fill and it started out fairly well.... they did tons of hiking... but with the sickness' that visited our home towards the end of Jan... they didn't fill their tags.  I was trying to take a before and after picture... each time they came home they looked so tired and worn out and sunburned, but I didn't get the after photo taken.

February started out great!  We finally decided on a car and got a new one (after 4 years of looking and waiting till we didn't have a missionary out)  We also went to the Logan temple to do temple work with Meg, Brayden, Morgan and Zack.  We spent a great day in Logan and even had the sister missionaries eat lunch with us!