Monday, March 29, 2010

New window treatments! Finally

This is our BEFORE picture. I liked the grouping but thought it was too small. I have been wanting to do a window treatment forever... but they can be expensive and I already had the blinds up so it kind of got put on the back burner. Then last month I found a FABULOUS deal ($2 for a pair of sheers) at Target and decided that it was time to work on them!

We bought the pre-primed mdf and cut and pieced it together for the boxes....

Added the moldings for aesthetic appeal!
Painted them a high gloss to match the trim on the doors...

I just hung the sheers with a cheap spring bar! I love how it softens the light coming in from outside! Our room gets very warm in the summer... I think this will help! I like how it fills up the wall space too!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

From Ben!

I got 10 emails from Ben today... this is not a usual occurrence. I sometimes get two and if we are really lucky three emails on Mondays. Today he sent the pictures that he had tried to send last week... that didn't work! So he sent them separately. At least we will avoid the SD card debacle! This was the only picture that he sent that actually had him in it! He looks good! I love seeing him with his missionary tag! It is also nice to see the scarf (that he swore that he would NEVER need) put to good use! He did speak in church on Sunday, just like the missionaries here! I got a little teary!

This is what the other pictures were like! I can just imagine him riding along seeing this scene and having a laugh! I know that we did! He thought that it was hilarious that there was a real cemetery in the background!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Signs of SPRING

Usually around late Feb. early March I start hearing the words... "Can I Mom??? Huh Can I TILL the GARDEN???" Brayden is my resident green thumb. Especially in the spring! I always know that Spring is coming.... because Brayden gets ANTS IN HIS PANTS!!!

Don't you wish you had your own FARMER?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The real Hair Doo!

Here's how Zack's haircut really turned out! Pretty handsome!!!
This is a picture of one of Zack's assignments from his college art class. They had to bring a bunch of garbage (it is mostly the packaging from my drapery rods!) and make a sculpture! Way COOL I think! We call him Henry!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zack's new Do!

Have you ever wanted to dramatically change your hairstyle?
I am reminded of Lane (Gilmore Girls Episode) when she dyes her hair purple... even if it was for only an hour!!! Zack had that same experience this week. I was cutting their (Russ, Brayden & Zack's) hair... everyone has to do it at the same time... I hate getting hair everywhere! I really cannot remember how the topic of a MOHAWK even came up! Once the idea was planted and then we thought how funny it would be to send pictures to Ben... it was a GO! Should I show you his real haircut??? Maybe TOMORROW!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cookies coming out of our ears!

Sunday was FHE at our house.... & I had asked (been bugging) Russ to make these new cookies that I found the recipe for over on They are Girls Scout cookies! (All except the first one which is made from a potato over on family fun website!)

Samoas w/o the choc drizzle on top!
Thin mints

By the time we were finished everyone was covered in chocolate! But don't you wish you came to FHE at our house!

The left over choc. didn't go to waste... they dipped creamies!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's official... well almost!

Brayden had his first "Scout" overnighter this weekend! Contrary to the look on his face... he said he had a really good time! Only 2 1/2 months till he will be a full time SCOUT!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

oh Yeah... Remember this...

I forgot about this project that I did a little while ago!
I found this too tall candle holder at the DI a while ago for $2

First I cut it in half... then Gorilla Glued the wood discs to the cut end of each half.
Then I added the larger wood discs to the uncut ends to give them more stability.

Next... spray paint, sand and stain!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Project

BEFORE: Notice all of the MISSING chickens!!!
You know when you have a project in your head and you finally get it done... but it doesn't quite look like it looks in your head?? When we built our home I had fabulous visions of a faux tin ceiling in our kitchen. We used the Ralph Lauren metallic paint... but it just didn't look exactly like that picture in my head! Well two and a half years later and a very patient husband... we finally fixed it. I know the change is subtle but I know that it is there!

Helper boy Zack!
This job needed extra long arms!!!
Finished product! What do you think??? I hope it brightens the area a little!