Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cookies coming out of our ears!

Sunday was FHE at our house.... & I had asked (been bugging) Russ to make these new cookies that I found the recipe for over on www.bakingbites.com They are Girls Scout cookies! (All except the first one which is made from a potato over on family fun website!)

Samoas w/o the choc drizzle on top!
Thin mints

By the time we were finished everyone was covered in chocolate! But don't you wish you came to FHE at our house!

The left over choc. didn't go to waste... they dipped creamies!


Liz said...

yummy!!! Are there any leftovers?

Wonder Woman said...

I want to know why you don't bring treats like that to our FHE? Are the S. family better than us?

Jenn said...

I'm with Jeanette on this one!