Friday, July 18, 2008

Dark Knight

Friday afternoon we went to see Dark Knight.  We left @ 4:30.  Russ wanted to be able to get a good seat!!!  Well the theater was empty... then at 5:35 when they finally started...the 25 minutes of trailers!!!   The movie started around 6 pm.  I really liked this movie.  We took Zack (16) and Brayden (10).  They really...really...liked this movie.   I do have to add a disclaimer though...It was very violent, and at times scary.  I'm not sure that if I had seen it first, that Brayden would have been invited to go.   2 1/2 hrs. later we left the theater.  Zack was disappointed that they did not show a trailer for The Avengers!  Thanks to my friend Cami who let Morgan play w/ Ryker for the 4 1/2 hours!!!


A Crazy Red Head said...

You are so glad that Morgan didn't come here!!! Seth is finally perking up - he just knocked over Chloe's tower of blocks and ran away laughing!!! I can't wait to see Batman, though.