Monday, August 25, 2008

Mother's Day

It was always the same growing up.  The first day of school was also mother's day???  Didn't they already have one of those back in May or something??? Well as I quickly hurried my five children off to school this morning ( Morgan & Brayden even went an hour early accidentally) I relish the term!!!   I love my babies!!!  BUT, there is something to be said for sweet solitude!!!  My house is so quiet!!  If it weren't for Brayden's new gerbils, you could hear a pin drop!!!


Erin said...

Congrats! I'm afraid I have quite a while till that day comes for me. I was telling a lady I visit teach about how mom always had mothers day on the first day of school and on mondays and she laughed her head off...I think moms all around are thinking the same thing today!

A New Mom said...

And to think that for me it's just beginning.