Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What's left over!!!

18 FAMILY ready to go!


Let's start off by saying... I love all my sisters very much... But lately it seems that every time they call and ask the phrase "Whatcha doin'? lately the inevitable answer is CRAFTS!!!!!  Things are now going a little crazy at the Quilted Bear.  I had my booth well stocked for 2 weeks, last week I didn't even sell anything.  Well, since saturday I have sold almost everything!!! So the answer will be again for the next week CRAFTS!!! 


Liz Davis said...

If you want I can stop calling or at least try to ask you instead, "What craft are you working on now?"

A New Mom said...

That't great that you're selling so much! It's what happens when you make cute things!

Becky Darling said...

What a drag!!!!