Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've been Tagged!

My friend Amy Martin has tagged me!

She wants to know 6 unspectacular Quirks that I have...
But, there are so many to choose from!!!

1.  All of the light on & off switches have to point the same way.. If they are all off ( in an outlet with multiple switches), they all have to be pointing down!!! We even planned this while building the house!!!

2.  It's hard for me to leave a project unfinished!! ( It does happen sometimes though)

3.  I vacuum in lines.

4.  I order the same thing at restaurants.  It's hard for me to order anything different, when I find something that I really like!! I don't want to be disappointed when I could of had something that I Love!!!

5.  I sometimes read 2-4 books at a time!

6.  I fall asleep when I get into a moving car for any length of time.  This is a great improvement from my youth when I USED to throw-up everywhere we went!!!

I tag...
Denise Morris
Cami Howard
Liz Davis


Erin said...

How funny...I do a lot of the same things, except for the light switch one. That is really funny!!!

Amy said...

I do the vaccuum and the light switch thing except for in our house I think it is impossible to get them the same direction, but I still try and it still bugs that they don't. These quirks are great!

A New Mom said...

That's funny. Glad to know we all have weird things we do.