Friday, February 20, 2009

The BEST thing!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I along with everyone else have saved hundreds of dollars this week!  I now have enough cake mixes to last through the millennium!!!  We are still plowing through the mountains (yes, Russ likes to stack them into the form of a mountain at the checkout) of yogurt from last week!  BUT TODAY I had the best deal EVER!!!  We got 20 gallons of gas for only 77 cents a gallon!!!  I don't think that I have ever paid that little!!!  I decided then and there that I needed a camera that will fit into my purse for just such occasions!  I had to settle for a picture of the receipt when I got home!


Jenn said...

Well with your cake mixes and my fruit gushers we should be fine.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the heads up. I went today, and I got 20 gallons of gas for $17.58. That is 87 cents a gallon.

Wonder Woman said...

ok, why is gas os cheap at albertsons?