Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BOAT Tales!

Many of you have heard of our boat woes!  We decided that it would be almost cheaper($1500 more) to buy an older boat than to rent one at Lake Powell for a week.  Well so begins our saga!  We took it out the first time in May, the kids actually got into the freezing water, and it would not go into reverse.  
$1800 later we got it back the last week of June...  This is one of the few pictures that we took BEFORE WE WERE TOWED TO THE DOCK!!!
Sadly, the mechanic had forgotten to put oil back into the work he had just done and it chewed up the same gears again!!!
These pictures were taken on Monday after we got it back and took it for a test drive @ Utah Lake!   It was very windy... and it wasn't too bad... until we had to stop and do some adjustments.  THEN WE WERE ALL SEA SICK!!!  Hopefully we will get more use this summer!  The hour and a half that we have actually used the boat we TERRIFIC!

I know it doesn't LOOK very chopy... this is in the bay!!!


Wonder Woman said...

Maybe rental was the way to go...NOT!!! I loved every minute we spent out in the boat as kids.