Friday, August 7, 2009

Thomson Reunion

Every year we get together as siblings and go on a camp out.  This year it was Liz & Dan's turn to plan it!  We ended up @ Anderson's Cove, up by Pine View.  It was so nice and shady with all of the tall trees!
This is my favorite picture!  I didn't end up taking very many... and there were more of the cousins than my own kids.  Sammy was so fun to have around!  Zack kinda liked having a little shadow.  
Chloe ended up being our tattooed lady!  Thanks to Aunt Laura, all of the little girls especially had SEVERAL fake tattoos.
We were supposed to play a game with the milk jugs... but they ended up being used for other things...

Of course the guys had to have a project... luckily Russ needed our bumper readjusted!
I'm so glad that Zack had lots of energy to fly the little boys around the camp!
Grandpa just chillin!

Sammy had to try out the milk jug hat!

I took this picture as Seth raced down the pavement!  I couldn't believe it wasn't blurry!

Morgan has lots of fashion sense.  High tops DEFINITELY go with a swimsuit MOM!
One of the the highlights of every camp out is when Laura & Becky con their families into performing some sort of skit or song!  This year it was the village people!  Hopefully I can load the video later!!!!
Thanks Liz & Dan for such a fun reunion!!!  Hopefully others took pictures of my family and we can trade!!!