Saturday, September 5, 2009

We're Back!!!

As most of you know by now...  Ben received his mission call to Atlanta, Georgia while Russ and I were in California on Thursday!!!  We thought it would be for sure 2 weeks and up to a month!!!  I'm glad he will be in the states... I think... looking at pictures, it looks like a really big city!!!  Does anyone have any info???  He will enter the MTC on December 9th!!!  Just 3 months.  I don't know yet if he will be there for Christmas OR if he will fly to Atlanta on the 23rd!?!  I will post more info as I get it!
This is Russ & I in front of Cinderella's castle.  It was 87% or more HUMIDITY each day that we were there!!!   We were dripping as soon as we went outside!  We stayed at the Red Lion hotel which was only 1 mile from disneyland and walked to and from once or twice a day!  Needless to say... many miles were put on my new flip flops!!!
This is Russ' 1st attempt at taking our pic. while he held the camera... I figured with his long arm it couldn't hurt!!!   We didn't take many pictures... but I will post a few more next time!!


Liz said...

I hope that you had a great anniversary. I love you both!

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats again Ben! And the only time I've been in Atlanta is having a layover at the airport. But my two brothers who live there say they hate the humidity but you get used to it.

Laura said...


Krista McMillan said...

CONGRATULATIONS Ben!!!! Jeff's Grandpa was from Georgia, and none of his family there are members!!!! Very Exciting!!!! Happy Annaversary Wendy and Russ!!! What a great way to celibrate, After all Disneyland is the happiest place on earth!!!