Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letter from Ben

Here is Ben's letter from yesterday!

:P I got to go to church... and I went to dinner at a councilor in the bishopric's house and his daughter gave me a piece of chocolate when she found out that I got nothing for valentines day!!! She's really cute!!!(and like 9 yrs old...)

Other than that though, we went to see Marty again yesterday. I really like him, I hope he joins the church! We spent pretty much a whole hour just answering his questions and then stressing how important it was for him to gain a spiritual knowledge of the truth's we teach in addition to an intelectual understanding.

aanyways, questions! I luuurve questions!

We had snow from about noon til about 9-ish I think on Friday the 12th; it was like 2 inches or something her in Acworth; people freaked out.

:P No. Me and Elder Manning are both still here in Acworth. (Poor Acworth!)

The area... IDK... I guess it's kinda thoroughly middle class. There are a few ghetto-ey areas where there are absolutely tiny government subsidised duplexes, but other than that, most of the area is middle class, and there are a few areas that are a little more rich; not really anything too different from the area's at home.

The people.... they're all people. Lol, idk. Lots of them are actually people who have moved out here from the west over the years; not many people in the acworth area are originally from the south. Or, at least, not many of the people in the ward are; there are plenty of non-members who were born and raised here, I just don't know them.

Some of my great experiences..... Uhhhh.... -skips-

The teaching is coming... idk? your questions are becoming kinda like not very specific...

Marty... Yeah, I think I talked about him a bit. He's doing OK. He's really interested in having us over and learning and understanding, but he's hesitant to come to church with us and until last night I don't think he realized the importance of just praying about things. The other family... Well, we haven't been able to meet with them again since then; we've dropped by and all, but they weren't able to come to church yesterday because she wasn't feeling very well. We're going over there tentatively on Thursday, I think.

Yeah... I really lost 20 pounds. I was at 159 in the MTC the last day that I weighed myself, which would have been like Monday, and tuesday I flew out of there; I dropped down to 140 for a while, but now I'm back to about 150 and have been for the last little bit. (No, my pants were just fine.)

I've not eaten many things that were really any different than anything I would have eaten with you guys at home except for that Guatamalan Tamale that I think I already told you about; The one that had BONES inside of it? Yeah.... ... That was a little shocking.

I'm not sending you pictures because I can only send like 1 per email, and it's rediculously annoyingly difficult with this archaeic system that the church wants us to use while we're on our missions; I'll send you some photo's and video's on a flash card in the mail soon. (Also, because I'm not really taking any pictures of anything to have some to send...)

My pocket wach has been great!!! ... But you could send me my wristwatch if you wanted... and if you got the battery replaced... and if you were going to be sending it to me... Yeah. :P I just can't abide the ticking sound all the time, so I don't usually have it on me....

I dunno. I mean, there isn't any snow or anything around, but it doesn't exactly look like spring or anything. Everything looks... dead.

I bought a helmet the first day in Acworth; it's red and yellow and black, rediculously too fancy, the only one on sale in my area, and cost me $85!!! :P I wear it whenever I'm on my bike.

I'm never tired of your questions, just tired of computers that kick people off every 30 minutes so that you can't just sit and finish everything you want to get done without interruption...

:P I'm happy she was glad; I heard I had a letter from her, but I won't get it til tomorrow b/c we weren't at transfers... Yeah. Love you much!


(Presidents day???? Come on. That's like, not a real holiday; the schools only get it off so that the teachers can have teacher work day....)


Becky Darling said...

Sounds like he's doing great!!!