Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Walking Woes!

I have found a walking route that I like that measures almost 3 miles that I have been walking for the last little while. I have been sore and it has been good! Since I broke my pinky toe a couple of months ago... I have been very selective on which shoes I have been wearing. Yesterday I decided my toe was feeling pretty good soooo..... I would try to wear my walking shoes. THIS is what happened! I have worn these shoes HUNDREDS of times and it just doesn't make sense! This monstrosity is on the opposite foot of my broken toe! Now if you see a crazy lady limping with BOTH feet down your street... give her a little sympathy... I know I will!
(YES, those unsightly lumps above my blister are just my varicose veins... I should probably get those taken care of!)


Wonder Woman said...

Ouch! And who said walking was so good for you? I bet they never had a huge blister!

Josh said...

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