Monday, September 13, 2010

21 Years???

Why is it that I can never figure out how many years that we have been married!?! I was fortunate enough to be born in an easy to remember year that is super easy to figure out the math concerning how old I am. My kids & Russ' birth years are no problem either.... Sometimes when I figure out how many years that we have been married... I accidentally make Benjamin an illegitimate child! We cannot have that now! (He is not by the way!)

Every once in a while Russ does something that TOTALLY reminds me of why I married him 21 years ago! He is very good at fixing things and is not afraid to take things apart to figure them out! And even if he cannot fix it... it is fun trying! I especially love his eyeglasses! Even though I have many MORE gray hairs... his eyesight is much worse!!! He is such a great dad and I love him LOADS!


Liz said...

I remember the time Mom's blow dryer wasn't working and Russ said he would take a look at it and we ended up with a paint spinner.

Like you said, he might not be able to fix it every time but we sure had fun in the process!

Erin said...

What is it that he's fixing?

Jenn said...

At least you have five kids to show for your gray hairs!

Becky Darling said...

Congratulations on 21 years!!! It just doesn't seem that long!!!