Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Camping Trip of the year!

 Our first camping trip turned out to be a little crazy...  We left home on a Wednesday night and got to Cherry Creek around 10:30.  The next day we woke up to an inch of snow.  It quickly melted off and kids happily got out the four wheelers.
 You can't tell... but Pippin is so happy to be here!  NOT!  It was a little cold for his liking.
 Friday morning we woke up to even more snow!  They had to go out and brush it off the awnings.
 Needless to say we packed up and headed for home.  We weren't sure how well we would make it out of the area with the muddy dirt roads.  Even though there were many problems... we had a great time.  I cannot wait till it warms up so we can go again!