Monday, June 17, 2013

June 15th

 So Saturday was a pretty busy day... Our compressor blew up the night before so the girls got to do some garage selling before Costco's opened up for the day!  (so we could return it and hopefully get a new one)

 We were so packed to the gills with good finds that there were people gawking as we drove by... I love my car.  You can get so much into it! 

We also celebrated Morgan's birthday... Only teenagers at my house now!  She opted for cream puffs for her birthday cake... luckily I found an actual piece of cake for her at Kent's.

 Ben and Catie came over to celebrate and after dinner we put Ben to work! 

 Here is proof that I actually do some heavy lifting around here!  :) 

 The following picture is of the view  out of the family room window in the house... you never know what pictures you will find when Morgan gets ahold of the camera!

 The beams were not only heavy and 20 feet long... they were placed 16 feet in the air!  We were all very glad for Ben and Catie's help!

Morgan has started the count down for Zack's return... I know it will be here before we know it... but I still cannot wait!


Erin said...

I can't believe he already that close to coming home!!! So exciting!

LAURA said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORGAN!! They house is really coming along.

Jeanette Atkinson said...

Happy Birthday to Morgan, what kind of treasures did you find yardsaling and Zack coming home so quickly! Busy week at your house!

Liz Davis said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! All Teenagers... hmmmm that is a scary circumstance! I love the count down!!!!

Jenn said...

Happy Bday Morgan! Did you hold that beam just so you could get a picture? =)