Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Temple Square

A couple of weeks ago we needed to be down early for a farewell talk and then later for FHE.  We decided to go to the LDS conference center and take a tour while we waited for Meg and Catie to catch up with us.

We then toured the temple grounds after they got there.  I LOVE this picture of Ben and Catie.  It was what happened after I told them to kiss in front of the temple.  I don't know if they did...but I like this picture even better!

Morgan took this picture of the Salt Lake temple.  So pretty with all the flowers!  (She laid down on the sidewalk to get the angle!)  I highly suggest taking a day and going while it is sooo pretty!

Morgan and Russ

We usually try to get to the temple and take a few pictures that the kids can have in their rooms.  The first is taken at temple square...  you kinda have to be upside down to get the shot... but they turn out great.

This second one is on the roof of the LDS Conference center... Which one do you like best?  (Not counting Brayden's goofy smile)  The conference center tour was definitely worth going just to see all the original art work that is there!


Erin said...

Fun! I really like the ones where you bend down and the temple is right behind them. Super cute!

Jeanette Atkinson said...

I'm with Erin! Fun day!

LAURA said...

Great pictures.

Jenn said...

Nice job Morgan!