Sunday, August 11, 2013

Warning... look away if you are squeamish!

Yesterday we got back from camping (which by the way I didn't even take one photo... if any of my sisters took pictures I would greatly appreciate a copy!)  

Long story short... the table with my big glass cloche on the stand got kicked and it fell and broke on the table and then fell onto Brayden which he caught most of the broken pieces with his face!

Before pictures...  he cut his arm, thumb and multiple lacerations on his nose.

After our trip to the ER.  It is so nice to have the new ER close to our neighborhood!  We have used it twice in the last month!  He will most likely have to see a plastic surgeon in 6 months.  


Jeanette Atkinson said...

Ouchie mama! So sad to see. Hope he gets feeling better soon!

Erin said...

Oh nuts! Poor Brayden. Hopefully the scars will heal nicely!

LAURA said...

That really sucks. I had just said to mom not trips to the hospital for this campout. I think I jenksed it. sorry