Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime fun...NOT!

This summer we have spent most of our time getting our yard done.  We have tilled, graded, smoothed, raked, and poured curbing till our fingers bled... literally.  

This day we got two big loads of already mixed cement to pour the cement pad for what will be our barn/shed.

It did go faster than doing the curbing... but of course it is one of the hottest days.  Meg became our expert edge finisher.

Brayden some of the muscle... I got to leave my comfort zone completely and drove the truck with 2 &1/2 yards of cement in the little trailer!

Zack helped to finish off the big stuff and was our muscle!


Laura Lewis said...

Looking good. When does your grass come!! You guys will be ready for a vacation when your yard is all in and you can leave it and not worry it is all going to DIE!!!!