Monday, July 21, 2014

Tie Please!

Brayden has been very adamant that he always wear a zipper tie (one he doesn't have to tie himself... it just zips up).  Zipper ties are great when kids are young and have a hard time tying their ties themselves... but Brayden needed to enter the world of big boy ties!  Both of our boys brought so many ties home from their missions that we have an endless selection of ties at our house.. Sometimes Russ even borrows one!  A couple of months ago it was time for Brayden to really learn how to tie his own tie (what can I say... I'm a slacker!).  It took a couple of tries at the bathroom mirror with dad... but he got it down!



Laura Lewis said...

Cute pictures. How fun you have captured that moment.

Liz Davis said...

What a priceless moment!