Sunday, December 28, 2008

MORE California Pictures!!!

This is our family at 6 flags Magic Mountain!  It is not especially my favorite place... but the kids sure had a ball!!!  It is a park of many COASTERS!  I have memories of riding the colossus when I was a teenager with my sisters Laura and Jeanette (who later had to be pried from the seat!!!). It was soo scary and fast!  We were soo cool because we dared to go on it!  Well no more!  That ride was the baby ride in comparison to the new ones they have!!  The scariest one (the X2) has you facing downward as you drop at 100% vertical!!! I would not even go on tis one... But Morgan did!!!
Morgan & Meg
Boo is one of my favorite Disney characters!
Morgan is the only one of my children who would willingly pose with the characters!!!  She was so cute as she had her picture taken, Minnie then leaned over and gave her a kiss on the head.  Morgan came back to me exclaiming with wonder how soft her hair was because "Minnie kissed her there!!!"
Zack, Ben & Morgan at Tarzan's tree house!
Crazy Christmas hats at the gift show in Magic Mountain!


Nicole said...

Wendy, I love reading your blog. It looks like you and your family had a great time in California. The pictures are great, I especially like the one with the crazy hats.