Sunday, January 4, 2009

The last pictures of California... I PROMISE!!!

This picture is taken in the California Adventure side of the parks!!!  All of the Christmas decorations were so pretty!

Russ gave Morgan a Hershey's kiss and told her to give it to this pirate.  She did, and he graciously agreed to pose for this picture with her!!!

One of our most favorite rides was Big Thunder Railroad (I always called it the runaway train)!

Morgan with the girl doll in Toy Story!  Megan thought her eyes looked a little manic!!

We only went on this ride a few times.  It was really fun... we figured that we already had our rain gear... so it really wouldn't de THAT big of a deal... We wouldn't get TOOO wet...  
Well the water found ways to get in!!! 


Wonder Woman said...

P.S. the girls doll name is JESSIE!!! Great pictures, do you have them scrapbooked yet? JK