Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Girls night IN!

Friday night the girls got together (Russ had taken Meg & Brayden to hunt)!!!
Krista & Erin had found the cutest pattern for crocheting hats.  I will post a pic of Morgan in her hat later!!!
Mom is "JUST RESTING HER EYES!"  Usually the party goes until pretty late... thus the need for a missing husband!  We finally quit about 4:30 am.  Then Laura, Krista, and Erin drove home!  CRAZY girls!

Usually there is sooo much giggling (Or more aptly cackling!!) that Laura gets a headache and desperately needs Liz to rub her head!!  Liz enjoys this because we get some pretty interesting hairdo's!!!


Becky Darling said...

Love Laura's new doo!!!! I think she should wear it EVERYWHERE!!!!