Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drama, drama, drama!!!

It seems as though we have been having DRAMA at our house lately!!! Morgan has been treated for her warts and had an extreme reaction to the medicine!!!  Her arm swelled up to twice its usual size (which isn't saying much...) and she got a rash!!! Well, thank goodness... all is back to normal.  Her arm looks much better and is almost back to normal!!!


Erin said...

Holy Crap!!! Kendall is going in tomorrow to get his massive warts taken care you think this method was worth it? Did it actually get rid of all the warts?

Laura said...

So what did the doctor do??? Brittany had a bad reaction to the med too. (not as bad as morgan) but now she is wart free. YAHOO

Wonder Woman said...

What is this medicine that makes you wart free and where can i get some? I have quite the group of warty boys!!!