Saturday, January 31, 2009

It must have been all that Diet Dr. Pepper I drank!!!

     Last night some of the grils partied (scrap booked) @ mom's  till midnight.  I don't usually consume copious amounts of caffeine... but I needed a little pick-me-up!  Maybe that was the cause if the crazy dream I had last night!!!  
     Laura and I were in our old two-toned blue chevy suburban.  I was driving, BUT I was sitting in the seat behind the driver's!  We were up at Utah State by the dorms... and Laura kept saying... "Keep going, I just want to see inside one of the dorms!"  
     I cannot help but think that maybe this is some kind of metaphor for my life right now!  My oldest son Ben is in the process of applying to universities right now and I feel very out of the "drivers seat"!!!  I'm not in control any more!! SCARY!!!


A New Mommy said...

I think the part about Laura is funny.

Laura said...

It is very disheartning isnt it. I fill like the momma bird getting ready to push (ever so slightly) my little baby bird out of the nest. I make that last episode of gilmore girls hit home doesnt it.

Wonder Woman said...

Were you really ever in the drivers seat? It seams like since the age of 5 they are in control of what they want and where they are going. We only get to be a back seat driver from then on!