Sunday, January 11, 2009

Annual Progressive Dinner!

Last night we had our annual progressive dinner with the Steeneck family.  We started out @ 3:00 at Gloria and Allen's  house there we had fondue of every sort.  I have never had meat fondue in oil... but it was really good.  We also had cheese and choc. fondues!!!  Next Sandy make vegetable beef & also tomato soups for us.  They were fabulous.   We then traveled to Ronda & Carl's house for salad and then mom & Dad did a palette cleansing sorbet.  Everything was delicious!!! Our house was the third house.   We cooked a turkey and Doug and Annette did peas and twice baked potatoes.  I was worried about the turkey timing... but it was fall off the bone good!!!  Cindy and Jeff made  dessert for us.  It had a weird name, but it was very tasty!  
It is so fun to get together each year with each other (minus the kids).  We get to laugh and relax and have a SEVEN hour meal!!!