Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

We are back!  What a fun trip!  Jen, Tom & Desi went with our family to Lake Powell this week!  We all had such a great time!  The pic's are soo cool!  I will try to load some videos of the AMAZING wipeouts!!!

Zack was sooo happy cause this is what he ate for dinner on the way down! 
He held the record with 5 sandwiches!!!
Brayden thought he'd look cool in Uncle Tom's hat & glasses!
Ben wake boarding!
Desi loved to be in the water!!! She was sooo good in the boat!
Morgan was extremely brave!!!  I caught her 1/2 way down!

Megan & her little lizard!
Jen , Tom & Desi
The kids are still in awe that their dad can really ski!!!
What a stud!!!
I will post some more pics later!


Liz said...

Way cool picts, I can't wait to see more! It looks like you had a really good time!!!

Wonder Woman said...

Looks like fun. Since when does Arbys have 5 for $5 anymore?

Becky Darling said...

I'm jealous!!! LOVE Lake Powell!!