Monday, January 4, 2010

My address... right... Um... Well, I don't actually know it; you just ship it to the mission address and then they forward it to me. But only if it's USPS; if you use any other shipping company they can't forward it, they just have to hold on to it until the next transfer meeting which happens every 6 weeks.

the flight was immeasurably boring; there were so many clouds that you couldn't actually see anything from the plane. We stopped in Texas for all of 2 seconds and then we hopped on over to Atlanta.

The first night, I stayed at the mission Home wich was in Peach Tree City, and then I got transferred to Ackworth, wich is about an hour-ish north of there by car.

Mondays are P-Days, as you could probably have guessed by the timing of this email. My companion is Elder COMPANION, and I've forgotten my camera at the Apt. this week, so's it'll have to wait til next for me to send you any pictures.

And, yes, this is the same email address... I'm sad that nobody else has emailed me =(

The Weather is Great here! I'm actually wearing like ALL the warm stuff I brought! The scarf and gloves and Trench coat and the whole she-Bang. (Elder COMPANION thinks I'm crazy for liking the cold, but it's immeasurably preferable to the warmth I thought I'd be coming to)

I'll probably send you a letter by hand today too later on, so that I can make sure you have my return-address, in case you can't find it anywhere.

Oh, Yeah. MISSION President says that if you want to post my emails and/or letters and such on a public domain site/blog that you need to edit for names so's that people remain anonymous. And he also took my picture and said he was sending it home to you on like Tuesday Night, right the day I got here in atlanta, so he might have the mission address sent to you before I can manage it.

Love you all, I'll be writing you an email next week, and I'm going to totally Uuber-Pwn Zack and Megan if they haven't sent me at least and Email Each by then!!!!!!!
I am not too excited about the emails he is sending.  I guess he will have to take letter writing lesson from his grandma's!  I always loved getting mail from my Mom when I was away at college!  I NEVER got the email from his mission president!  I knew that he was PROBABLY ok but it is nice to finally hear from him!


Laura said...

so can we email him?????

Silly Steeneck's said...

No, only immediate family can.

Liz said...

If we can't email him what address can we send him letters?

Wonder Woman said...

Glad to hear he is safe and warm. The kids love reading his letters! Great idea!