Friday, January 15, 2010

New Email

This is a photo that Ben's Mission Pres. sent. His hair looks really short!
Hi Mom!

Sorry that I didn't send you an email on Monday; the Library's computers were down, so we pushed it back a couple days.

:P We don't actually Teach 'Discussions' anymore; you should get a Preach My Gospel and then you'd know about it some! (but, yeah, we've taught a few lessons...)

Haven't baptised anyone yet!!! It's only been 2 weeks, silly!

Yeah.... I kinda got busy cleaning the apartment and then ran out of time to write you a letter by hand... but I'll do it next monday! ... Maybe... possibly... probably not, but still!

Yeah; our MTC Branch Presidency said that All the Elders in our district had to get a Haircut before they went to the feild; it was soooo short, I felt like an Army Brat!

;P I suppose you probably ought to send me a journal; I haven't remembered to get me one yet, and I'm sure you'll get me a prettier one than any that I might choose...

I've been kinda a little bit but not sick since I got here; sniffles and coughing and stuff, but nothing dreadful, just a bit irritating... Oh, and I puked once... yeah.

I've had 3 meals at members homes so far, and I don't eat only oatmeal! I have cold cereal, and Oatmeal, and Cream of Wheat, and Eggs, and Poptarts for breakfasts!!! I'm taking very good care of myself! :P I have PB&J for lunches, or Ramen or Mac'N'Cheese, and for dinner I have whatever else; rice, and all of the above; oh, and mashed sweet-potatoes!

:P If you have to send me a package, then I guess some awesome gummi-or-cinnamon-type candies would be the Bomb; I kinda got sick of chocolate already, and buying snacks is a bit expensive...

It's only Me and Elder Companion in the Apt, we have our own Washer and Dryer there, and We Bike or Walk all over the place.

=( I know this hasn't exactly been the longest or most timely of letterly-emails, but we're kinda stretched for time; Next monday, I'll send you all some letters Proper-like, and I'll actually remember my camera so's I can send you a few pictures.

I love you tons, and I pray for y'all every night! The Church Is True!!!
Elder Steeneck


Erin said...

It so weird to have him be in the "field"! It takes me back to when Kendall was in Pennsylvania.

Laura said...

It is good to hear from him. Everyone needs to remember to bring stuff for the package for FHE. It sounds like he is making some requests.:)