Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day One of our Staycation!

First stop... the Brigham City Temple.
(We also stopped at Idle Ilse... but I forgot to take a picture)

Lunch at Burger King!

Silly Kids!

We checked out the DI and then headed to Logan where our first stop was the Logan Zoo... If you can call it that!  We still had fun though!

Meg cannot wait till hunting season!

Next stop... 1st Dam.  Those of you that went to Utah State... you know where it is!

Then we checked out the desserts at the Deseret Book bakery!  Too good!

We then went to the Pepp. Farm Plant to check out their cookies... sadly they didn't have any that we wanted!!!

 Last stop... the Creamies plant!  

Boy were we tired when we got home!


Wonder Woman said...

I noticed that Zack is in these photo's. When did you do this little outing?