Thursday, August 18, 2011

We had BIG plans...

It's the Monday before Zack leaves for the MTC...  we had plans to go to Crystal Springs....  We are all ready to go, some even in their swimsuits... I call to confirm their hours... ALL the slides are closed for the day... QUICKLY come up with a new plan!!!  

We talked about going to a local swimming pool, miniature golfing, bowling but we couldn't agree... SO we ended up going to a movie.  "Cowboys & Aliens"... the trailers that I had seen looked ok... everyone hurry up and get into the car...  the opening scenes are blood and gore and it gets worst from there!  I do not recommend this film.

These pictures are obviously the happy before the movie starts faces!!!


Wonder Woman said...

Too bad. We have a groupon for north shore aquatic center and it has been closed this last week too. Drats! Sorry the movie was so dumb, but what were you thinking with a title like that!