Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not only is she a worm wrangler...

Meg interviewed for a new job this past week... She does have some interesting past experiences that she brings to the job interview.  She has graduated with her associates from Weber State... BEFORE she graduated from high school... She had a job last summer working as a worm wrangler... and now she can add snake charmer to the list!  What a well rounded girl!  I'd hire her!

P. S.  She did get the job today!!!  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Saturday, June 22nd

Saturday was the DAY.... the day we set trusses!  We had lots of help thankfully.... Russ' dad and coworker helped to get everything where it needed to be.

 Tom, Ben and Russ worked setting the trusses on the roof!

 Brayden kept wanting to go up into the trusses... I wouldn't let him till we were over the house part!  :)

Front and Back view of the house now.

Marty and Lee helped to get the trusses set up on the ground.

Trusses coming down....

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day!  Russ works sooo hard.... he gets up early, early and works 4 hours at his job.  He gets here mid morning and we all work till 9 pm then we start again the next morning.  He is stressed and sleep deprived.... but hopefully as soon as we get the framing 100% done things won't be so crazy... but I won't count on that.  :)  I love this picture because despite all of the hard work, there is a sense of accomplishment that comes with building your own home.  It was nice to capture a smile as he worked with his friends and family.

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 15th

 So Saturday was a pretty busy day... Our compressor blew up the night before so the girls got to do some garage selling before Costco's opened up for the day!  (so we could return it and hopefully get a new one)

 We were so packed to the gills with good finds that there were people gawking as we drove by... I love my car.  You can get so much into it! 

We also celebrated Morgan's birthday... Only teenagers at my house now!  She opted for cream puffs for her birthday cake... luckily I found an actual piece of cake for her at Kent's.

 Ben and Catie came over to celebrate and after dinner we put Ben to work! 

 Here is proof that I actually do some heavy lifting around here!  :) 

 The following picture is of the view  out of the family room window in the house... you never know what pictures you will find when Morgan gets ahold of the camera!

 The beams were not only heavy and 20 feet long... they were placed 16 feet in the air!  We were all very glad for Ben and Catie's help!

Morgan has started the count down for Zack's return... I know it will be here before we know it... but I still cannot wait!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Funny tan Lines

Flip flops anyone?   I knew that I didn't want my tan line to be at my ankle... so this was the obvious choice... RIGHT???  We'll see how good it gets by the time we are finished building the house.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June week 1

This week has been a good one....  Morgan took this picture of Russ... she thought it was so funny how tan his arms are in comparison to his legs.  I have noticed him wearing more shorts this week though.  :)

These pictures were taken at the beginning of the week... The outside looks pretty much the same... but we got the top plate, the upstairs framing, stairs into the kitchen, more than half of the basement framing, and lots of sheeting of the back of the house.

This is a picture of the garages... trusses were measured this week too.  Hopefully we will know soon when they will be coming!

Russ is such a sweetie!  I have trouble going in and out of the front of the house... and the back isn't that easy either... I said that we needed to get the stairs in the garage done cause next week we would be getting the porch cap, the basement stairs and the deck pad.... so we wouldn't have a way in and out of the house...  They all just jump in and out of the windows... He was so nice to take time out and build them for me!

The picture doesn't do it justice... the sky is beautiful... it just gets extremely HOT outside!

These are some of my favorite shots... the walls are 9 feet tall and he is usually hanging off of or leaning over big drop offs... I will have to stay indoors when they do the trusses!

Brayden has decided that he was going to frame his room all by himself.  It is half done!  :)

They are all getting good at hammering and using the saws, nail guns and everything else... It is fun to see the look of accomplishment when they master a new skill.

Megan wouldn't smile for me so I took pictures until she did!  This was about the tenth picture!!!

Megan is afraid of heights and she still will scoot down the stairs leading to the basement on her butt...  I was surprised to see her teetering on the top of the step stool!

Morgan is my cutting helper.  Lots of the lumber is 16 feet long and I need a helper to get it cut level!  I thought her pointed toe was a nice touch!

I think Morgan snapped this one of me... Not very flattering, but this is what I spend most of the time doing!

Pippen has a hard time with all of the noise so he usually doesn't stay out for very long... but this is where you will find him if it is at all possible!

This was a good shot of Morgan helping Russ and Megan setting up the wall that I just cut the lumber for.

Most of the time we just hand things to Russ or do things to help him do it... but they are all learning more and more each day!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Weekend

Meg decided to put the left over wood to use and make Summer blocks to sell at the boutique!

Brayden was so excited cause it was his birthday and he had a party that night and he got to drive the 4 wheeler most of the day!!!

We put the party guests to work lifting a couple of the HUGE garage walls!  These are in two parts and they are still buggers to get up!

First we lift them up onto the foundation....

Then at the count of three EVERYONE lifts together

Almost there... oh yeah we ALSO have to get the walls onto the bolts that are in the cement so we can bolt the wall to the foundation!!!


Morgan made Brayden an awesome carrot cake from scratch.... it wasn't pretty... but it sure tasted good!