Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boy, how we've changed!

I cannot believe that this picture was taken just a short 3 1/2 years ago! It used to drive me a little CRAZY when people would tell me to savor their youth. How could I savor it... I was just trying to survive it! These pictures were take at Brayden's baptism when he turned eight. He will turn 12 this year and be old enough to pass the sacrament! Where has my cute baby gone with the missing front teeth! (Be careful Liz... It will happen to you too!!) Enjoy those toothless grins while you can! Our family is changing so quickly now it is hard to catch my breath. I want to yell... STOP! WAIT! let me catch up a little!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today was an errand day! Usually I run around EVERYWHERE and it seems that I don't get much done! Today was different! I had lots of good finds.

Ribbon @ Costco's... 50 yrds for $6.49
13 cents a yard! anyone want some of the pink or brown???

Which of these dresses do you like better??? Disregard the scary hair... They were $15.99 ea. at Costso's today and I don't know which one or either to keep?!?
This is a purse I got at the DI... I have a project that I will post later!

I hopefully will get this project done tomorrow!
More pictures later!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Won!!!

The 2 random winners of the Couture Cardstock are:

#23 Silly Steeneck's said...
I like the Herb Garden Pack, but they are all great colors!

#102 Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...
I love it all! I love the vintage Christmas collection, the Cherub...it is all beautiful!

Congratulations and I'll be contacting you soon!!

I NEVER win anything!!! I can't wait!
Now I need someone to help me pick out the 25 colors!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

DARE Graduation

Brayden had his DARE graduation on Tues. this past week. The shirts are really cool this year!
He got to showcase one of the things that he likes to do INSTEAD of drugs!!! He chose his war hammer models. He likes to paint these and play the game with Zack and whomever they can recruit to play with them!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Email

This is a photo that Ben's Mission Pres. sent. His hair looks really short!
Hi Mom!

Sorry that I didn't send you an email on Monday; the Library's computers were down, so we pushed it back a couple days.

:P We don't actually Teach 'Discussions' anymore; you should get a Preach My Gospel and then you'd know about it some! (but, yeah, we've taught a few lessons...)

Haven't baptised anyone yet!!! It's only been 2 weeks, silly!

Yeah.... I kinda got busy cleaning the apartment and then ran out of time to write you a letter by hand... but I'll do it next monday! ... Maybe... possibly... probably not, but still!

Yeah; our MTC Branch Presidency said that All the Elders in our district had to get a Haircut before they went to the feild; it was soooo short, I felt like an Army Brat!

;P I suppose you probably ought to send me a journal; I haven't remembered to get me one yet, and I'm sure you'll get me a prettier one than any that I might choose...

I've been kinda a little bit but not sick since I got here; sniffles and coughing and stuff, but nothing dreadful, just a bit irritating... Oh, and I puked once... yeah.

I've had 3 meals at members homes so far, and I don't eat only oatmeal! I have cold cereal, and Oatmeal, and Cream of Wheat, and Eggs, and Poptarts for breakfasts!!! I'm taking very good care of myself! :P I have PB&J for lunches, or Ramen or Mac'N'Cheese, and for dinner I have whatever else; rice, and all of the above; oh, and mashed sweet-potatoes!

:P If you have to send me a package, then I guess some awesome gummi-or-cinnamon-type candies would be the Bomb; I kinda got sick of chocolate already, and buying snacks is a bit expensive...

It's only Me and Elder Companion in the Apt, we have our own Washer and Dryer there, and We Bike or Walk all over the place.

=( I know this hasn't exactly been the longest or most timely of letterly-emails, but we're kinda stretched for time; Next monday, I'll send you all some letters Proper-like, and I'll actually remember my camera so's I can send you a few pictures.

I love you tons, and I pray for y'all every night! The Church Is True!!!
Elder Steeneck

Monday, January 4, 2010

My address... right... Um... Well, I don't actually know it; you just ship it to the mission address and then they forward it to me. But only if it's USPS; if you use any other shipping company they can't forward it, they just have to hold on to it until the next transfer meeting which happens every 6 weeks.

the flight was immeasurably boring; there were so many clouds that you couldn't actually see anything from the plane. We stopped in Texas for all of 2 seconds and then we hopped on over to Atlanta.

The first night, I stayed at the mission Home wich was in Peach Tree City, and then I got transferred to Ackworth, wich is about an hour-ish north of there by car.

Mondays are P-Days, as you could probably have guessed by the timing of this email. My companion is Elder COMPANION, and I've forgotten my camera at the Apt. this week, so's it'll have to wait til next for me to send you any pictures.

And, yes, this is the same email address... I'm sad that nobody else has emailed me =(

The Weather is Great here! I'm actually wearing like ALL the warm stuff I brought! The scarf and gloves and Trench coat and the whole she-Bang. (Elder COMPANION thinks I'm crazy for liking the cold, but it's immeasurably preferable to the warmth I thought I'd be coming to)

I'll probably send you a letter by hand today too later on, so that I can make sure you have my return-address, in case you can't find it anywhere.

Oh, Yeah. MISSION President says that if you want to post my emails and/or letters and such on a public domain site/blog that you need to edit for names so's that people remain anonymous. And he also took my picture and said he was sending it home to you on like Tuesday Night, right the day I got here in atlanta, so he might have the mission address sent to you before I can manage it.

Love you all, I'll be writing you an email next week, and I'm going to totally Uuber-Pwn Zack and Megan if they haven't sent me at least and Email Each by then!!!!!!!
I am not too excited about the emails he is sending.  I guess he will have to take letter writing lesson from his grandma's!  I always loved getting mail from my Mom when I was away at college!  I NEVER got the email from his mission president!  I knew that he was PROBABLY ok but it is nice to finally hear from him!