Friday, April 3, 2009

Now and Then

Megan had an orthodontist appointment on Tuesday.  I couldn't help but think back 8 years to the FIRST time that Megan had braces on!!!  She is turning out to be such a beautiful young woman! (Even when you can see right up her nose!!)

If you were thinking "What cruel parents to make her go through that TWICE!"  Megan had a SEVERE cross bite when she was little.  She had to do braces that young so she wouldn't ruin her permanent teeth!  When she got her braces off, a few of her baby teeth came out with the braces!!!


Liz said...

Is she getting them off? I can't wait to see them!!!

Silly Steeneck's said...

No not till September or November!

Jenn said...

She'll be glad one day if she's not now.