Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a week!

What a crazy week!  I will warn you that this will be a lengthy post!
It all started last saturday when we went down to Mom's to do some jobs and yard work for mothers day!  The kids stayed to help, while Russ and I went to the Draper Temple to see Tom and his wife April and their son Logan sealed together!  What a neat experience!!! Congratulations!!!

Brittany & Megan
Ben pulling out Grandma's Rose of Sharon!
Zack doing the trimming.
Everyone weeding!!!

Sunday night it was our turn for Family night at our house.   After the lesson (Jeopardy game on Conference) we had these delicious Oreo cupcakes!!!  They were even creme filled!  

Wednesday night was Brayden's pinewood derby!  He got to race his GREEN TRUCK twelve times!!!  He came in 1st once, 2nd a whole bunch, 3rd a whole bunch, and 4th a few times!  He placed 9th overall!  I hope all of the boys had a fun time!

Brayden and his TRUCK!

This race Brayden came in 2nd!!!

Finally, Friday night Russ and I went shopping. We  came across this purple shirt that would go with Zack's black suit for prom!   I think he would look very handsome!  What do you think???  


Liz said...

Oh, I really like it! And when he has outgrown it, Chloe dibs it!!!

Jenn said...

Where is their prom? Congrats Brayden!

melanie said...
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melanie said...

I think he would look better in a nice white suit head to toe baby! ;)