Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday is a special day!!!

Normally our saturdays begin by running errands, going to a garage sale or two (in a few weeks!) or messing around.  Usually we aren't home for most of the day!  Today that all changed!!!  We ( me and all the tall people) vacuumed and dusted the tops of the cupboards!  Then I gave 4 haircuts!  Morgan wanted 5" taken off!
Megan & I cleaned both ovens!
Russ and Morgan hung the freshly ironed curtains!  (I have had her curtains since we moved in, but I just got the curtain rod!!!)
I cut the vinyl for Zack's t-shirt that he designed!
The nice and dust free cupboard tops!!!
I finally finished cutting and hanging the vinyl for the office!

Oh yeah!!! We also watched and listened to both sessions of conference!!!  I love all the talks!  I can wait to read them again in the Ensign!!!


Jenn said...

Feel free to send the tall people to clean my house.

Wonder Woman said...

It is amazing how much cleaner everything thing looks when you start from the top to the bottom. We are tackling ours on Thursday this week!! Way cut vinyl in the office!

Liz said...

what do you not have any orders for crafts?