Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shopping Trip!

Cutest Owl (Are you jealous Laura???)  that I got @ Quilted Bear!  I LOVE this vendor!!! If you don't believe me just drive by my house!   I have been eyeing her for a while and it went on sale for 1/2 price!!! I couldn't pass it up!!!
Russ & I were shopping @ Costcos and came across this very unique and stunning tree... it was the only one and didn't have any info on it!  The Cosco guy said it was a pomegranate tree and was probably sent here by mistake!!!! We debated and figured if it didn't work out we could always bring it back!?!  It does smell pretty & several people commented on how unusual it was on our way out of the store... but now I am having buyers remorse!!!  IT is taller than I am, and it is only tolerant to 10 degrees (meaning we would have to bring it indoors each winter)!  Is it worth it???


Wonder Woman said...

Way cute owl. What else did she have on sale?

Silly Steeneck's said...

You never know!!! I just check everything when I go in!