Friday, April 9, 2010

Meg's Halloween find... ALMOST!

Last weekend we took a road trip as a family... to Spanish Fork no less.... There were only a few grumbled mutterings under their breaths! We started out in the morning and stopped at the different D.I's along the way. We got a few fun things... then Megan called me over excitedly to show me what she had found!!! What a fun addition to any Halloween costume!!! They were $10 which didn't seem too bad, but I have a policy... they use their own money whenever possible... this way they have to decide if it is something that they REALLY REALLY want! She thought that $10 was a little steep for shoes to wear once so she asked the Manager if he would go down in price. Sadly he would not... but we still have the picture!
Meg loved how they made her ALMOST as tall as Zack!


Erin said...

Oh my heck...those are totally worth $10.00!!! What an awesome witch costume!

Jenn said...

Why would you even wear them with a costume?=)