Sunday, April 18, 2010

MULCH anyone?

I love my yard and we have slowly been trying to add plants, trees and shrubs a little at a time. It can be sooo expensive! Saturday was the day... the day we finally took care of the dreaded weed problem on the side yard of our home! We usually have to hack down the taller that me weeds a couple of times a season... but NO MORE!

I don't know if you have every tried this method but we have and it worked pretty well! We have such a large area and this is a great solution! Just layer 5 to 7 pages of newspaper and get it wet then add a generous layer of mulch! WhaLaaa! No more weeds!

Doesn't it look nice and pretty?
We did not put the paper down in the front cause of all the lovely ground cover that I have... I still want it to spread.
We got enough to finish most of the yard but we will need 2 more scoops to finish up the garden! I will post pictures after we are done!
I am soo excited that I would jump up and down for JOY... but I can't! I'm too sunburned/stiff/sore & wounded to do it! It was STILL worth it!


Wonder Woman said...

It does look so nice and pretty! It is amazing what a little (or a lot) of mulch will do!