Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scary Sneezy Monster!

Last weekend I got this deal over at Target. They had their automatic air fresheners on sale for $6 and I had a coupon for $5 off.... so I figured $1 instead of $13 is a great price we will try some! We got them home and put the batteries in (Megan got one for her room too) and Megan came down and I asked her if she liked the smell... She said it was ok, but that it kept scaring her cause it would go off without warning. I LAUGHED with her (OK AT her) and the next day I put mine together and thought nothing more about it!
Later that night (about 12:45 a.m.) I was up reading and this loud noise scared me from the other room. It happened again about 40 minutes later!!! It sounded like a person SNEEZED and the sound carries so it seemed as if THAT PERSON WAS RIGHT NEXT TO ME! Needless to say I jumped again!
I finally figured out what was making the Scary Sneezy Monster noise after doing some investigation! It was my deal of the day! It now resides in the laundry room with the door CLOSED tight at night!
NOTICE it's big GREEN evil eye looking at me!!!


Erin said...

I love it!!! We have one similar to this too, and it scared me at first.

Jenn said...

That's funny! Maybe there was a reason they were such a good deal!

Becky Darling said...

That's hilarious!!!